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Walchem is a leading manufacturer

and supplier of on-line analytical

controllers and EquipSolutions is

proud to be an exclusive distributor.

Walchem consistently brings the

newest technology in controls and

chemical metering products to the

markets we serve. EquipSolutions

carries Walchem’s entire line, working

with water treatment professionals to

create economical solutions with both

standard and customized systems.

As a Master Distributor and service

company, EquipSolutions provides

a unique customer support

program to ensure a best-in-class

experience with Walchem and

LMI products. Our field service

provides local, in-plant assistance

backed by a team of experts in the

field. The result? We deliver the

right equipment at the right price,

right on time.




Liquid Metronics is a worldwide

leader in the metering pump

industry, introducing the first full line

of electronic metering pumps and

accessories. Their product spectrum

ranges from low-cost metering

pumps for domestic potable water

treatment to highly sophisticated

custom designs produced in its

state-of-the-art facility.

Today, LMI provides the next

generation of our trademark yellow

and black electronic metering

pumps, the LiquiPro™ Series. These

pumps offer simple installation and

maintenance with a unique cartridge

valve design and “hands free”

priming for three-, four-function

and auto prime valves.

Liquid Metronics

Incorporated (LMI)