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Chemical Feed Dosing

Control Skids

Program Monitoring Tools

Contained Treatment Buildings

Chemical Storage Tanks


Controllers & PLC’s

Chemical Metering Systems

Feed Verification Systems

Piping & Tubing Runs

Cooling Tower Cleaning

Asset Management Programs

Trial & Project Staffing

Legionella Monitoring

Softener Service

Media Changeover

Sludge Removal

RO Membrane Cleaning/Replacement

Web-based Monitoring

Equipment Rentals

Integration Controls

Heat Tracing & Installation

Sample Collection

Water Testing

Passivation Service

No Obligation Scope & Proposal

Preventative Maintenance

Emergency Repairs

Controller Maintenance & Repair

Sensor Maintenance

Instrumentation Calibrations

Chemical Feed Rate Calibrations

Metering Pump Maintenance & Repair

PLC/DCS Troubleshooting

Optimal performance of

chemical, feed and monitoring

equipment starts with expert

installation of best-in-class

equipment. EquipSolutions offers

both facets, beginning with a

no obligation on-site project

assessment, then firm price

quotes and detailed schedules,

based on that assessment.

Services available include:

Special or unforeseen factors can

strongly impact the performance of a

water treatment program. To combat

these situations, EquipSolutions has

developed a host of special services and

a Specialized Service Resource Team

to handle these out-of-scope events.

Services available include:

Maintaining chemical feed

and monitory equipment can

make or break the success of

any water treatment program.

EquipSolutions’ programs

protect our client’s investments

through routine maintenance on

feed skids, pumps, controllers,

monitoring tools and other

ancillary equipment. Services

available include:


Specialized Services