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Achieve optimized polymer usage and performance with EquipSolutions’

simple, yet powerful liquid polymer feed and control station



25 Years In The Making

Flexible. Formidable.

The Power of Data.

Less Waste. Lower

Polymer Consumption.

EquipSolutions has taken 25 years of

Polymer Activation knowledge gained

across hundreds of industrial and

municipality-based projects to bring you

The Tempest, a powerful multi-stage

mixing and monitoring system solution.

Many polymer feed and control stations

are complicated and prone to frequent

plugging and agglomerations. The

Tempest’s system is simple, yet highly

intelligent, with the ability to provide

just the right mixing energy – manually

or automatically – at just the right times

through the hydration process. Also,

like many of our solutions, The Tempest

has flexible controls and its pump

configurations can be adapted to fit

other uses.

Throughout the dilution process, water flow

rate data is measured and fed back to The

Tempest’s primary controller. It calculates,

then adjusts the polymer pump for an ideal

dilution rate. When problems like water flow

loss, high/low concentrations, etc. arise, an

alarm sounds and remedial measures can

be made on the spot.

With EquipSolutions’ full understanding

of polymer activation mechanics and The

Tempest’s features created to leverage those

principles, agglomerations are prevented and

fewer polymer chains are destroyed. This

means less waste as fewer costly polymers

are used from optimum performance.